The True Life of an International Call Girl

“When forced to testify in court about my life as a prostitute I understood that despite my shame I needed to share all the secrets of my past. At this turning point, I chose to let the truth pour out of me, not to tuck in into a distant corner. Although I was subpoenaed to speak as a witness, I did not share honestly because I was forced to, but because the impact of my life’s truth into the world was imperative to healing my own as well as others. Sugar is the culmination of this realization.” 

-April Daisy White

'Sugar' in Santa Monica


Thanks for coming to the second workshop production of Sugar.

Please stay after the show if you can for the Q&A as we are still developing the piece and both need and welcome your feedback at this very beginning stage of our work.

This innocuous message greeted the audience members when entering the Edgemar Center Theatre in Santa Monica Sunday night for April Daisy White’s performance of her true-life story titled “Sugar.” Little did anyone know what a profound effect the night would have on everyone there.

From the subject matter to the acting, right down to the depressurizing of the Q&A session that followed, each element of the night coalesced into a therapeutic way to spend the evening.

For those who are mortified at the idea of spending time with a therapeutic anything, there is enough eroticism to keep their attention.

“Sugar” is about the journey of an international call girl. It starts out with the trial of White on charges of pandering and goes back in time to explore the reasons behind such a career choice.

White gives an amazingly in depth, emotional performance that keeps the audience spellbound. And it’s a good thing there’s no intermission because half the audience had tears streaming down their face by the end.

It seems an impossible task, but White is able to play both herself as a child and her molester with equal believability.

She gives insight into the minds of her johns and the insanity of chasing such a lifestyle.

This culminates in a caged-animal scene in which White transforms into a believable feline. In this way, passion, rage and desperation are conveyed so succinctly it puts the audience on the edge of their seats.

She never fully disrobes physically, only emotionally.

White received a much-deserved standing ovation for her performance last night.

Ten minutes later, in the Q&A, some well-known actors commended White’s performance and her courageously honest portrayal of her former life as a call girl.

Sitting with Director Larry Moss, White answered questions from the audience and went through the humbling experience of taking comments on her work. Even though most of the comments were complimentary, a few gave constructive criticism. It was refreshing to hear that Moss and White were open to this feedback.

The Edgemar Center’s mission is to provide a physical environment that encourages collaboration between writers, directors, actors, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and visual artists; to create an artistic learning environment for adults and children; and to invite the community to observe, engage and interact, to add its voices to their creative discovery. They certainly meet their task.

Edgemar Center for the Arts is located at 2437 Main Street, Santa Monica. For more information, call 310-399-3666.



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Monday, November 17, 2003

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APRIL DAISY WHITE (Writer/Performer)

April Daisy White was born in France of American parents, White has been writing and performing since childhood. She starred in the French television series LE RE DE CAIN directed by Marcel Moussy. Other European film credits include: BILLY directed by the Ceasar-winning director Marcel Bluwal, POWER AND LOVERS with Gemma Redgrave and Julian Glover, THE BALKAN RUNNER, TEMARRE PAS C'EST POUR RIRE, VIOLATED, and SILENT MADNESS. Her US film credits include Henry Jaglom's SHOPPING, she portrayed Sonia Biberman in ONE OF THE HOLLYWOOD TEN with Jeff Goldblum directed by Karl Francis. Most recently she was seen in PICKING UP THE PIECES directed by Alfonso Arau and had the great fortune to portray Sylvia Plath in DEFYING THE STARS directed by Carrie Hamilton. On stage, Miss White won an LA WEEKLY AWARD in 1999 for her portrayal of Lula in THE DUTCHMAN at The Theatre at the Improv. She made her Broadway debut with Tony Randall's National Actor's Theatre in THE LITTLE HOTEL ON THE SIDE directed by Tom Moore, starring Lynne Redgrave and Rob Lowe. In her second season with the company she appeared in THE SEAGULL directed by Marshall Mason starring Jon Voight, Laura Linney, and Tyne Daly. She played Carol in OLEANNA at the Rome International Theatre.


Her Off-Broadway work includes: THE CHRISTMAS RULES, LA RONDE, A SHAYNA MAIDEL, and THE JACK AND TONY BURLESQUE SHOW directed by Martin Charnin. Other L.A. Theatre credits include: BALONEY and CRAZY EIGHTS. Ms. White lives in Los Angeles where she facilitates other artists in telling their true-life stories through the memoir writing course she teaches, which focuses on personal exploration writing as a healing process, called RIGHT YOUR LIFE BY WRITING YOUR LIFE. She is currently writing her memoir "LOVE FOR SALE", co-writing the screenplay BIRTH OF AN ENEMY about rape camps in Bosnia, and is also working on a documentary about sex-workers, which explores the human side of prostitution, THE OTHER SIDE OF NIGHT.



Mr. Moss studied his craft with Stella Adler, Sanford Isner and Warren Robertson. He began his career at New York's famed cabaret Upstairs at the Downstairs and went on to appear on Broadway in numerous productions. After teaching in New York at Julliard and Circle in the Square, he moved to Los Angeles and founded The Larry Moss Studio. It was here that he directed and developed THE SYRINGA TREE, which had its world premiere at ACT in Seattle. THE SYRINGA TREE opened in New York in September 2000 and won the OBIE AWARD for BEST PLAY of 2001, the DRAMA DESK AWARD AND THE OUTER CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD for OUTSTANDING SOLO PERFORMANCE. He also developed and directed Bo Eason's one-man show, RUNT OF THE LITTER, which was voted one of the top ten plays of the year by New York Daily News and was bought by Castle Rock to be made into a major motion picture. Moss coached Helen Hunt in AS GOOD AS IT GETS (Academy Award); Hilary Swank in BOYS DON'T CRY (Academy Award); Michael Clarke Duncan in THE GREEN MILE (Academy Award Nomination), Hank Azaria in TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE (Emmy Award), Jim Carrey in THE MAJESTIC, Tobey Maguire in SEABISCUIT and Leonardo DiCaprio in THE AVIATOR.


Moss is a founding director of the Edgemar Center for the Arts—a new two-theater multicultural complex encompassed in Frank Gehry's architectural landmark building, which opened in Santa Monica in September 2003. He will direct the film THE LILY FIELD by Pamela Gien and produced by Matt Salinger. His book on Acting "THE INTENT TO LIVE" was published by Bantam Dell in 2004. In 1998, Moss directed the award-winning short film DOS CORAZONES. He directed Michael Raynor’s WHO IS FLOYD STEARN? Off-Broadway last season and directed Richard Kalinoski’s BEAST ON THE MOON off-Broadway this season. He will direct THE AWFUL GRACE OF GOD by Jack Holmes at The Cultural Project in November 2005, CLINT HOLMES LIVE Off-Broadway and SUGAR by April Daisy White in the Spring of 2006.


(Movement Specialist/ Co-Producer)

Jean-Louis Rodrigue has previously worked with Larry Moss on The Syringa Tree and on Bo Eason's RUNT OF THE LITTER. Rodrigue has coached actors on Broadway, Mark Taper Forum, Steppenwolf, Geffen Playhouse, and coached the circus artists of Cirque du Solliel in LA NOUVELLE EXPERIENCE. In film and TV he has prepared Mary MacDonnell in PASSION FISH, Keanu Reeves in LITTLE BUDDHA, Julia Sweeney in IT'S PAT, Tate Donovan in PARTNERS, Wendy Liebman HBO Comedy Special, Kirsten Dunst in THE CAT'S MEOW, Patricia Arquette in HUMAN NATURE, and Hilary Swank and the cast in THE AFFAIR OF THE NECKLACE, and most recently with Juliette Binoche in the upcoming BEE SEASON. Rodrigue is currently on faculty at Verbier Festival & Academy in Switzerland and UCLA Department of Theater and Department of Music.